Sustainable forethought

Scientific expertise, technical know-how and a lot of project experience are our foundation. Whether consulting, analysis, training or the commissioning of a study - we look at your issues with an independent and open mind, free of prejudice. We sit down at the table with stakeholders and discuss - at eye level. Coupled with our research curiosity, surprising solutions often emerge. In all projects, we think about tomorrow and the #nextgeneration.

With over two decades of project experience in sustainable circular economy, waste management, design for circularity and design for recycling and a lot of expertise, we approach all projects with an open mind. Since scientific facts are our basis, we use methods such as Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and Material Flow Analyses (MFA) to find sustainable solutions for all industries and materials.


You want to optimize your packaging, make your purchasing and production circular, optimize a specific material flow and don't know where to start? We sit down with you, analyze, advise and define a plan of action together with you and support you in the implementation.

Project design

You have set yourself the goal of making your processes or your entire company more sustainable? You want a circular value chain? You want to network with like-minded people? And still achieve your company goals? A bit much all at once. We support you, act as 'facilitators', organize meetings and workshops, and structure and design the entire project for you. Of course we bring in our expertise, that's part of the 'all inclusive package'.


A full agenda and no time to tackle your sustainability projects? We support and accompany you in the implementation of sustainable circular economy solutions in your company. Together with you, we define the implementation plan with milestones and an end goal. You continue to work on your projects, we ensure that you will soon be on the road more sustainably.


The information network event provides an overview of new projects, the latest scientific studies and adjustments to the legal framework. At each cycletalk, a main topic is examined from different perspectives by various players from the business world. The subsequent aperitif provides an opportunity for networking and personal exchange with the experts.


Are you looking for brainpower on a specific topic? The cycleworks active work format is a platform for in-depth discussion and work on a specific topic. This can concern specific industries or sectors, or a topic that is cross-industry or cross-sector.

We bring stakeholders to the table and look for concrete solutions on how we can actively implement sustainable circular economy .


The cyclestudio platform is realcycle's new think tank. We bring together various stakeholders to develop ideas or even find concrete solutions using creative methods. The aim is to implement sustainable circular economy faster and more actively in industry and commerce.

About us

Circuits are our passion

We are passionate about leaving a livable planet for our children and grandchildren.

Our story begins with a vision - a vision driven by the firm conviction that business needs to leave less of a footprint on the planet and that we need to use existing resources differently, in a more environmentally friendly way.

In a world where environmental impacts are becoming ever more noticeable, we are committed to promoting and realizing a sustainable circular economy .

What sets us apart is our broad and diverse knowledge, expertise and passion to work towards a sustainable future every day.

Our team consists of experts who are deeply rooted in the fields of sustainable circular economy, waste management, recycling and resource management. We work together to develop innovative solutions that are not only ecologically sound, but also economically viable and socially acceptable.

Your contact persons

Do you have an idea or a question? We are happy to hear from you


Sustainable forethought

Our projects are always about reducing environmental impact, minimizing resource consumption (reduce), reducing waste and reusing products (reuse). In short, it's about sustainable cycles. Whether it's recycling mattresses, recycling plastics in food packaging, or promoting reuse in general, we put our heart and soul into our work and use a variety of tools and calculation methods to make sustainable cycles a reality.


Our knowledge

The driving force

Knowledge is the driving force behind progress and the foundation for innovation, technology and social development. Knowledge enables us to solve problems, generate new ideas to make tomorrow's world circular and #nextgeneration-ready.

For this reason, we are happy to share our knowledge and the studies, white papers and other contributions we produce.



Our events are platforms where we exchange ideas, share knowledge and discuss ideas with you. They offer the opportunity to make new contacts and exchange ideas with like-minded people, experts and professionals.


Here we keep you up to date on the latest developments, our projects and trends in sustainable circular economy. Here you will find a wide range of topics, from new technologies and legislative amendments to results from studies or our contributions to public workshops. You want to stay up to date? Register here (link) for our newsletter.


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