Circoplast - Circular Construction Plastics

In Switzerland, more than 1 million tons of plastics are consumed annually, 22% of which are used by the construction industry. In order to extend the lifetime of these 220,000 tons of plastics, realcycle GmbH (formerly REDILO GmbH) has launched the Circoplast project.

In collaboration with players from the construction and plastics industries, recycling companies and the support of four cantons, an innovative collection system with the lowest environmental impact is being designed.

For this purpose, the types of plastic collected are analyzed and the quantities quantified. Based on this analysis, an attempt is then made to set up a system to reduce the identified waste, reuse it or recycle it. The goal is to reduce the amount of plastic consumed, establish reusable packaging systems and design a suitable collection and recycling system.

Here you can view the final report - enjoy reading!


Circular Building Industry Innovation Booster, powered by Innosuisse, Swisspor Holding AG, Holcim (Schweiz) AG, Neue Plastrec AG, kunststoff.SWISS, AWEL Kt. Zürich, AUE Kt. Basel-Landschaft, AUE Kt. Basel-Stadt, Kanton Bern


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