Design for Recycling Plastics

Most of the plastic packaging in circulation today cannot be recycled or can only be recycled at great expense. Harmonized guidelines for the environmentally compatible development and manufacture of plastic products and packaging (design for recycling) are being developed and discussed under constant observation and consideration of corresponding activities in Europe. The aim is to return plastics to the cycle in a high-quality and pollutant-minimized form, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

The demand for high-quality recyclates is high. It is a key element in the circular economy. Because it is only with the reuse of recyclate that cycles are closed and environmental benefits optimized.

The thematic platform "Design for Recycling Plastics" is a collaborative project of stakeholders along the entire value chain to promote a high-quality and sustainable circular economy of plastic packaging. It is divided into three subgroups, related to the different packaging groups:

- Topic platform 1: Bottles
- Topic platform 2: Cups, trays, trays and blisters
- Topic platform 3: Foils

Theoretical recyclability is the basis and prerequisite for actual recycling. In order to take into account and ensure optimum recyclability of plastic packaging as early as the packaging or product development stage, industry recommendations and specific "Design for Recycling" guidelines are drawn up, continuously revised and thus kept up to date. The topic platforms pursue the following goals:

- Compare CH-Guideline with EU and update accordingly
- Apply D4R-Guidelines correctly and understand assessments of recyclability
- Exchange about good D4R based on concrete examples (good and bad)
- Exchange regarding internationalization as well as harmonization EU and international


realcycle GmbH manages and coordinates the project as part of the circular economy hub, an initiative of Swiss Recycling.


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