The future of separate collections of recyclable materials in Switzerland

The aim of the study was to show how the collection of waste materials in Switzerland should be designed in the future. Is there any ecological and economic potential at all for further (separate) collections in Switzerland? If so, what specific products and packaging are involved and how should these be prioritized? In line with the principle of eco- and impact-efficiency, the focus should be on those areas where the greatest environmental benefit can be generated through the use of the appropriate means and resources. This interpretation is also in line with the principles of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

Taking into account ecological and economic factors as well as current technical developments and a look abroad, the study examined the following questions that are central to the Swiss retail trade:


    • Are there new potentials for separate collection that make ecological and economic sense?

    • Are mixed or joint/combined collections the future?

    The study can be downloaded here



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