Cooperation to harmonize the assessment of recyclability

The aim of the European efforts is to make the packaging industry recyclable. The obligations to use only recyclable plastic packaging in the future, the achievement of ambitious recycling quotas for all packaging materials, and the tariffs for the licensing of packaging ("ecomodulation"), which will be graded according to ecological criteria in the future, increase the demand for a uniform methodology for measuring recyclability.

At present, there are no uniform criteria for measuring the recyclability of packaging in the European Union, and specifically in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In contrast to Germany, there is no legal framework in Switzerland and Austria. However, the German minimum standard is not an assessment standard, but only provides the framework for an assessment. A uniform European assessment standard does not currently exist and it is unclear whether and when such a standard will be created.

The primary objective of the project "Harmonization of the assessment of the recyclability of packaging of all packaging materials" is the creation of a clear, fact-based assessment standard for the recyclability of packaging. This includes the development of a catalog of criteria for the recyclability of packaging as well as the selection or revision of suitable test methods and the development of a dimensioning catalog.

  • The project is technically and scientifically carried out by Institut cyclos-HTP GmbH, Recyda GmbH, realcycle GmbH (formerly REDILO GmbH) and Circular Analytics TK GmbH.
  • A DIN SPEC is to be published on behalf of all project partners (brand owners, retailers, dual systems, packaging manufacturers) along the value chain of recyclable packaging (completion planned for the end of 2023).
  • Planned duration: 10/2022 - 05/2024 - preliminary work has already begun
    In addition, the state of practice of the collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure for the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland is to be drawn up as an example. This is intended to provide a framework for objective assessment of the recyclability of packaging, taking into account national framework conditions.


The project was launched by Circular Analytics, cyclos HTP, recyda GmbH and realcycle GmbH, and is financed by a consortium of companies (packaging manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, recyclers).


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