Approval of recycled polystyrene (rPS) in food contact applications

Since the beginning of 2021, stakeholders along the entire value chain have been committed to a closed loop for food packaging made of polystyrene (PS). Various players (producers, distributors, retailers, sorters and collectors) are involved in the round table set up for this purpose and are driving forward the development of solutions for a possible closed loop. Since summer 2021, this round table has been moderated by Dr. Melanie Haupt (as part of the realCYCLE project, made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund). At this round table, the foundations have now been laid that will allow the submission of an application for food approval of recycled PS (rPS).

Based on the preliminary work of the Round Table, this project includes the development of the necessary documentation for the submission of the application to the BLV for food approval of rPS. To prepare the documentation, discussions will be held with the BLV and the relevant stakeholders. In addition, the technical implementation geared towards food approval is being discussed, defined and described in close cooperation with InnoPlastics AG.


InnoPlastic AG, Greiner Packaging AG, Migros-Industrie AG, Emmi Frischeprodukte AG, Lactalis Nestlé Frischprodukte AG, SwissPrimePack AG


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