November 1, 2023

Clean cycles, digital product passports and lots of plastic - successful 9th cycletalk!

💬In addition to exciting presentations, there were good discussions and many opportunities to exchange ideas and network. For the first time, we also had an exhibition table on site, where Daniela Kolodziej from trinamiX GmbH presented an NIR handheld for the determination of plastics, textile fiber materials and materials in mattresses and PV modules.

💡 The contribution by Cédric Clavière, Country Manager of Patagonia, was particularly inspiring. He impressively showed how individual actors can bring movement into the value chain. Patagonia, for example, worked with few others in the industry at an early stage on #PFAS-free, waterproof yet breathable membranes and is now well positioned for a coming #PFAS ban, as is currently planned in the EU.

💥 Movement through the actors:inside - this was also experienced by Esther Hidber, Managing Director of the Mattress Alliance. At a meeting of a wide variety of players in the mattress industry, the desire and goal to find solutions together and become circular was born. Today, the Mattress Alliance has 27 members and is very active - also on the topic of DPP, which Maja Wiprächtiger is currently dealing with. A thousand details still need to be clarified: Chip or code? A public database? One or more providers? Maybe we will know the answer at the next cycletalk.

🙇‍♀️ Detailed knowledge is important, but it is also easy to take the first steps. Melanie Haupt presented the platform, which stands under the motto "circular economy can all". Here, tools are offered for SMEs that want to take the first steps into the circular economy and are looking for support. Realcycle is also involved with 2 tools. You can find them here!

🤝 Exchange, think ahead, collaborate - for this we have 3 platforms at realcycle: cycletalk, cyclestudio and cyclework. Yesterday, two cycleworks took center stage, focusing on innovative materials and plastics in construction. Join in and get in touch with Raymond Schelker and Maja Wiprächtiger!


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