We offer a wide range of consulting services to advance sustainable circular economy in your company or organization. We analyze, advise and develop solutions.

You and us - a strong team

You have the specialist knowledge of products and processes, we are experts when it comes to real sustainable circular economy . Together, we analyze your business model and your products, discuss circular potential and make the circular economy tangible and feasible for you.

Concrete examples of our consulting services:

      • Packaging optimization: Recyclability and sustainability do not always go hand in hand. We analyse both dimensions and help you to optimize your packaging, for example with the Packaging Cockpit.

      • Do you have a waste stream that you would like to recycle outside your company? We analyze the possibilities of how circular economy can be introduced and suggest you the most environmentally friendly variant.

      • You want to optimize or review your sustainability goals? We support you and help you define measurable sustainability goals. 


    Value chains become networks

    Together with other stakeholders facing the same challenges or those involved in your value chain, we work on designing complex systems in a more sustainable way. When advising corporate groups, we analyze interrelationships, identify overall systems and analyze interactions within the systems. We network those involved in your value chain, because sustainable circular economy has no beginning and no end.

    In order to implement sustainable cycles in concrete terms, we develop technical solutions and action plans.

    Whether for a group of stakeholders or in 1:1 consulting, we apply scientific methods wherever possible. For example, we consistently evaluate solution approaches with material flow analyses and life cycle assessments. We use nationally and internationally recognized cycle indicators and bring in a lot of knowledge about rebounds (difference between expected and actual environmental savings through efficiency improvements).

    Specific advisory services

    Reffnet - Resource Efficiency Network Switzerland

    Dr. Maja Wiprächtiger and Raymond Schelker are Reffnet experts. We would be happy to consider funding your project idea through the Reffnet network.

    Packaging Cockpit

    We are the Swiss resellers of the Packaging Cockpit online tool. We take care of your access and support you with content-related and technical questions that arise in connection with the use of Packaging Cockpit. Get started here!


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