Clean cycles, digital product passports and lots of plastic - successful 9th cycletalk!

💬In addition to exciting presentations, there were good discussions and many opportunities to exchange ideas and network. For the first time, we also had an exhibition table on site, where Daniela Kolodziej from trinamiX GmbH presented a NIR handheld for the determination of plastics, textile fiber materials and materials in mattresses and PV modules. 💡 The contribution of Cédric Clavière, Country [...]

Mattress recycling for the circular economy

For the Mattress Alliance founded in 2021, realcycle is working on various sub-projects as part of a FOEN environmental technology funding project to increase the circularity of mattresses in Switzerland: Eco-Design sub-projectA sustainable circular economy starts with design. Only suitable design can ensure that resource consumption is minimized, longevity is ensured and an extension of the service life or [...]

Packaging: recyclable and sustainable?

The calls for less plastic in food packaging are getting louder and louder - but does that lead to sustainable packaging? Lea Schneider is getting to the bottom of this question in her bachelor thesis. The work will be practical in nature and address questions from the industry.

MAS "Net zero in companies

As of January, Melanie Haupt and Maja Wiprächtiger are part of the team of lecturers in the new Master's program (MAS) of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) "Net Zero in Companies".

We launch two new cycle platforms

cycle, cycle and cycle again!

cycletalk, the information networking event, is joined by two new cycle formats: cycleworks and cyclestudio. The two new formats strengthen our efforts to accelerate the implementation of sustainable circular economy in the Swiss industry and economy.
Speaking of cycletalk - the 9th cycletalk will take place on 10/31/2023. Register under Events today.

Circular Economy for Polypropylene (CE4PP)

Polypropylene (PP) is one of the most important types of plastic used today. Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to establish a closed cycle for PP food packaging. However, the latest investigations by realcycle GmbH (formerly REDILO GmbH) and the Plastics Training and Technology Center KATZ show promising results with regard to the technical possibilities. From this, clear requirements for a future collection and recycling system can be derived. In [...]

The future of separate collections of recyclable materials in Switzerland

The aim of the study was to show how the collection of waste materials in Switzerland should be designed in the future. Is there any ecological and economic potential at all for further (separate) collections in Switzerland? If so, what specific products and packaging are involved and how should these be prioritized? Because in the sense of the principle of eco- and impact efficiency [...]

Circoplast - Circular Construction Plastics

In Switzerland, more than 1 million tons of plastics are consumed annually, 22% of which are used by the construction industry. In order to extend the lifetime of these 220,000 tons of plastics, realcycle GmbH (formerly REDILO GmbH) has launched the Circoplast project. In cooperation with stakeholders from the construction and plastics industry, recycling companies and the [...]

Creating cycles for flexible packaging (films)

This pilot project as part of the realCYCLE project made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund is being designed and implemented together with players in the plastics value chain. The overarching theme of realCYCLE is to understand and align the entire value chain of plastic packaging as a cycle. The systemic prerequisites and framework conditions for scalability are examined and concrete possibilities are identified to enable a comprehensive and [...]