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Ideas that go far

Scientific foundations and technical know-how - these are the foundations on which we build our consulting services for the circular economy. We look at issues with an independent mind, free of prejudices and together with all stakeholders. Combined with our curiosity as researchers, we often come up with surprising solutions.


Our strengths


We are open to all ideas, industries and materials. As interdisciplinary all-rounders, we are interested in all questions concerning the closing of material cycles. What problem can we solve for you?


We combine solid expertise and decades of experience to provide sound technical and scientific know-how. To which question would you like an independent answer from our circulation experts?


By bringing all players along the entire value chain to the table, we develop industry solutions that are a win-win for everyone. May we introduce you to players with whom you can share costs and exploit synergies?

System and industry solutions

We design system and industry solutions and develop them further.


Studies and expertises

We provide you with the basis for your environmental decisions.


We can help answer your questions about the circular economy.


Trainings and workshops

We offer customized learning experiences for your company or organization.

Management, moderation and organization of events

We lead stakeholder platforms, moderate events or conduct them ourselves.