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cycleworks - Kick-Off InnoMat

tentative: Zurich Campus Hagenholzstrasse 85A, 8050 Zurich

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cycleworks "InnoMat" - Innovative Materials and BAW

Technical developments and scientific research are constantly producing new materials, innovative materials. The aim is to produce materials with improved properties or new functions, which, for example, make contents last longer, are lighter in weight, can be used more flexibly, have improved strength or are generally recyclable or biodegradable. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from electronics and medicine to power generation and construction, as well as in packaging. As a result, they can make a significant contribution to the development of innovative products and solutions. Innovative materials can contribute substantially to a sustainable economy and, in particular, a sustainable circular economy. However, to ensure that material innovations lead to a more sustainable economy, their use must always be considered holistically. In particular, this means that in addition to improving circularity, the ecological impact should also be assessed - and always with a life cycle perspective, i.e. from production to recycling at the end of life.

In the cycleworks "InnoMat", we would like to discuss and shed light on the opportunities and risks of innovative materials - and also biodegradable materials (BAW) - together with stakeholders. We also want to evaluate the handling of new materials in the context of the transition towards a sustainable circular economy and provide clarity for stakeholders.

In a kick-off event open to all stakeholders, we will collect your needs, define the urgent questions and build work packages within the cycleworks. We are pleased to be able to count on the support of the FHNW(Prof. Dr. Petar Mandaliev, Institute for Biomass and Resource Efficiency, Lecturer for Resource Efficiency) and the ZHAW(Prof. Dr. Selçuk Yildirim, Center for Food Production and Packaging, Head of the Food Packaging Research Group).

Please register by email ( The kick-off event is free of charge.