Circuits are our passion

Our vision: a sustainable economy in harmony with resources.

Preserving planet Earth for our children and grandchildren is what drives us every day. That's why we focus on real cycles, real-cycle-s. Every day.

The idea of a sustainable future

Our vision of an economic world that is sparing with resources is closely linked to our conviction that we can only achieve the goal together, as a team with you. We take responsibility and move forward with curiosity and foresight. Thanks to our vast scientific knowledge, we put facts on the table for you.

We like complex challenges and are constantly on the lookout for the latest scientific results and possibilities.

We seek solutions and thrive when we can analyze, structure and connect, finding a path that is feasible for all involved.

We like to think big, networked, cross-divisional and holistic. We do not stop at recycling, but also focus on repair, reuse and reduce - prioritized according to sustainability criteria.

We are collaborative and focus on working together as a team. Many perspectives and numerous disciplines are necessary to capture the whole picture and achieve the goal of sustainable circular economy together.


realcycle emerged from the company REDILO, founded by Raymond Schelker and four colleagues in 1998, and the project realCYCLE. During the realCYCLE project, made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund, we built up a great network of 120 companies. About half of them were actively involved. To maintain this base and the acquired expertise on sustainable cycles, Dr. Melanie Haupt and Raymond Schelker decided to found the company realcycle GmbH in the fall of 2022. The name of the project remained, only the spelling changed. Because realcycle is about real, real cycles, real-cycle-s.

Our team

Mediamatician & research assistant, in the Master's program Environmental Studies & Sustainability Science
Working student, Master Science, Technology and Policy ETH Zurich
Project Manager, Environmental Engineering ETH Zurich
Intern, in the Bachelor Environmental Engineering ZHAW
Research Assistant, MSc Materials Science ETH Zurich
Project manager and co-owner, graduate chemist FH, environmental engineer NDS FH
Research Assistant, MSc Environmental Sciences ETH Zurich
Managing Director and Co-owner, Environmental Engineering ETH Zurich

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