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Our heart beats for cycles

For us, teamwork means being guided by a shared vision of a sustainable economy. But we can only achieve the change together. That's why you are also part of it - and the entire network of players in a value chain.


The team

Environmental Engineer ETH ZurichManaging Director

Dr. Melanie Haupt

Environmental Engineer ETH Zurich
Managing Director

"The linear economy has failed - we are consuming more resources than ever before and there is no longer any security of supply. The circular economy offers a solution. Its implementation is complex and challenging, but also very exciting. That's exactly why I'm committed to a systemic, sustainable circular economy."

Materials Scientist ETH Zurich Research Associate

David Bless

Materials scientist ETH Zurich
Research Associate

"To me, it seems logical to view materials as recyclables and to treat them with care. This includes a circular economy in which the potential of existing recyclables is fully exploited."

Environmental Engineer ETH Zurich Project Manager

Dr. Maja Wiprächtiger

Environmental engineer ETH Zurich
Project Manager

"I am committed to a sustainable circular economy because it makes an important contribution to reducing negative environmental impacts. Sustainable use of resources is also close to my heart because of tomorrow's generations. To achieve this, we all need to pull together and find systemic solutions for sustainable implementation."

Chemist FH, Environmental Engineer NDS Project Manager

Raymond Schelker

Chemist FH, Environmental Engineer NDS
Project Manager

"A future fit for grandchildren is very close to my heart. To achieve this, we must, among other things, treat our resources with care and consideration. Now, in order for a circular economy to be introduced, implemented and maintained in a sustainable manner, it requires a holistic view and the cooperation of stakeholders along the entire value chain. I am committed to ensuring that all stakeholders pursue the same goal with the same understanding."