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White Papers on "Quality for Circular Economy

Supported by Circular Economy Switzerland, REDILO GmbH has written and published three white papers on "Quality for Circular Economy", which you can download here.

White Paper 1

Circular economy and quality management for start-up companies

Investor requirements, quality issues, production scaling up and external factors are reasons for the short-lived nature of start-up companies. The whitepaper of REDILO gives an insight how the connection of circular economy with quality management can enable a long-term sustainable establishment of start-up companies.

White Paper 2

Implementation of the circular economy in structures of established companies

Increasing environmental impacts and the introduction of new regulations regarding circular economy force companies to adapt. The REDILO white paper discusses the implementation of the circular economy in a quality management system and how this link can enable flexible adaptation to new circumstances.

White Paper 3

Overview of the circular economy for integration in companies

A lack of knowledge about the circular economy in general and about circular business models and their profitability have been identified as hurdles to implementing the circular economy. In addition, there is a particular lack of strategies for anchoring sustainability in companies. All this makes it difficult to integrate the circular economy into a quality management system and thus also to achieve continuous improvement with regard to sustainable circularity.