Industrial and commercial packaging survey

Packaging is responsible for 40% of plastic consumption and for a large part of cardboard consumption. However, while consumer goods packaging has been in the spotlight in recent years and various projects are underway to optimize it, there is a lack of knowledge about industrial and commercial packaging (I&G packaging). So far, there are no comprehensive statistics on the volume flows or quantities used of all I&G packaging. In addition, there is no overview of the materials used. Thus, it remains unclear what potential an improved circularity would have and which measures would promote it.

In this project, knowledge gaps around I&G packaging will be addressed. To this end, a material flow analysis is being prepared covering all life cycle phases of the packaging. The focus is on all I&G packaging made of paper, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic and wood used in Switzerland. In addition to recording the quantity structure, initial qualitative estimates of ecological potentials will be made.




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