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Microphone cycletalk

9. cycletalk

realcycle GmbH
Zurich Campus Hagenholzstrasse 85A, 8050 Zurich

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cycletalk - our information and exchange platform

As part of the realCYCLE project, we organized regular CYCLEtalks for registered and interested actors, in which we showed the latest project developments, presented new findings and discussed new issues. The company realcycle continues to run the platform under the same name with a slightly different spelling.

The 9th cycletalk will focus on clean cycles for plastics and the recycling of mattresses. How can cycles be designed when it comes to functional clothing? Cédric Clavière, Country Manager of Patagonia, provides insight into the circularity of functional clothing.

"We put the power of NIR analysis into the palm of your hands". Daniela Kolodziej, Manager Business Development & Sales IR Sensing of trinamiX, presents the innovative mobile NIR technology. By simply using a portable handheld device that combines trinamiX data analysis with a mobile app, various compositions of different plastics can be precisely determined and thus distinguished. During the cycletalk break, you can test the device yourself.



Welcome and introduction

Melanie Haupt, realcycle

13:40 - 14:10

Mattresses in circulation
Presentation of the Mattress Alliance project

Digital product passport for mattresses

Esther Hidber, Mattress Alliance

Maja Wiprächtiger, realcycle

14:10 - 15:25

Clean cycles and recycled material quality

Introduction subject

SRT-i12 - new EU project
Improvement and harmonization of analytical methods for the quantification of contaminants

Installed yesterday, a problem today
Pollutants in insulation materials 

Patagonia's pathway to clean functional cloths (English)

Innovative mobile NIR technology
improves ability to recycle plastics



Melanie Haupt, realcycle

Raymond Schelker, realcycle


Maja Wiprächtiger, realcycle

Cedric Clavière, Patagonia Switzerland
Daniela Kolodziej, trinamiX


15:25 - 16:00


TrinamiX booth


16:00 - 16:15


FCMrPP Workshop Circular Economy


David Bless, realcycle

Melanie Haupt, realcycle

16:15 - 16:45

cycletalks, cycleworks, cyclestudio
the cycle platforms briefly presented

Two cycleworks

Innovative materials

Plastics in construction


Sibylle Kamber, realcycle



Raymond Schelker, realcycle

Maja Wiprächtiger, realcycle

16:45 - 17:00

Conclusion, outlook & closure

Melanie Haupt, realcycle

from 17:00

All participants are cordially invited.